How to join

Joining The Code is easy. 

Before you sign up via our website, we want to explain about the application process and membership fee.


Member Process:



1. Apply

To apply you need to fill out the online application [to do so, please click ‘join now‘].

2. Pay

You can pay the annual membership fee on-line when you are applying or choose to receive an e-invoice afterwards. Once you have paid you will get access to the online ‘Member Portal’ and E-learning modules, and can start to implement the six criteria of The Code. The annual membership fee for The Code is based on the company’s total annual revenue per year – please see below under ‘Membership Fee’.

3. Approval

Once you have applied and paid the membership fee, your application is sent for final approval by The Code Board.  Usually, application is approved within a month and during this process, you still have full access to the tools and services and most companies, start to work on implementation of the six criteria.

4. Signing

After being approved by The Code Board, you will receive a formal agreement form. This agreement form will be pre-signed by the Chairman of The Code and you need to add an electronic signature. The electronic signature is very easy and takes only 2 minutes.

5. Membership

Once you have signed the agreement form, your company is officially a member of The Code and will be listed on the website. Your company can then add The Code’s logo to your website and print a membership certificate.

6. Top Member

When you have successfully implemented all six criteria in your company following the easy steps in the Member Portal, you will earn ‘Top Member’ status and be listed as such with prominent display of your logo on The Code’s website. Once achieved, your company can also add The Code’s ‘Top Member logo’ to your website and receive a special certificate for your efforts to protect children from sex tourism.


Membership Fee & Purpose

The annual membership fee for The Code is based on the company’s total annual revenue per year.  It is divided into four categories and the membership fees are 50, 300, 800 or 2,000 Euros per year.

  • Category I: Revenues under 500,000 Euros per year = 50 Euros per year
  • Category II: Revenues between 500,000 – 2.5 million Euros per year = 300 Euros per year
  • Category III: Revenues between 2.5 – 50 million Euros per year = 800 Euros per year
  • Category IV: Revenues over 50 million Euros per year = 2,000 Euros per year

The purpose of the membership fee is to provide a way for Code members to further support the organization in developing tools and services for its members as well as promoting the child protection cause within the travel and tourism industry. Important to note that 20% of the membership fee goes to the Local Code Representatives, local NGOs or organisations that help support The Code and its members at the national level, base on the agreement signed with The Code Secretariat and its jurisdiction.

The membership fees can be paid securely on-line via PayPal.