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Every tourism business can make a difference. Whether your company is a tour operator, hotel, travel agency, airline, excursion organizer, or cruise ship please join The Code today and show the world you are committed to preventing the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

More than 300 tourism companies worldwide have become a member of The Code. 


Show the world your company protects children

We dream of a world where children are safe and free. Where no child is abused by sex tourists. Where the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism no longer exists.

Sadly, today many children are victims of sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. While tourism is not the cause of these crimes, many offenders travel to commit these abuses. Tourism professionals therefore have the unique opportunity to stop the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism in its tracks. If one of your staff suspects abuse and reports it, offenders can be prosecuted and more children will be safe. You can prevent the exploitation of children.

By joining The Code, your company will send a clear message that it does not accept or tolerate sexual crimes against children.

Join The Code today and show the world you care about keeping children safe!

Benefits of joining The Code

When you join The Code your business will be helping to keep children safe. Your business will also benefit in a number of important ways:

  • Be known as a responsible brand: Today more than ever consumers believe businesses have a responsibility to impact their communities and environment in more positive ways. By being a proactive and leading company in the protection of children, travellers will be proud to use your business. Your staff and business partners will also be happy to be connected with your responsible company.
  • Competitive edge: The Code is an internationally recognized and award-winning tool for child protection specifically designed for the tourism industry. When you join The Code you will become a leader within the tourism sector.
  • Mitigate potential risks: Sadly, sexual violence against children occurs in every country and across all social groups. It could happen where you least expect it. Joining The Code is the best way your business can prevent these heinous crimes being committed in connection with your business. You can mitigate risk and reduce costs by taking action today to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Connect with the tourism community: The Code’s members are a network of tourism professionals from around the globe that have all chosen to take a stand to end the sexual exploitation of children. When you join this growing network you have the opportunity to work alongside others who share your values.

 You can start accessing these benefits today when you join The Code.

We provide the tools to help you succeed

When you become a member of The Code, you gain access to our specially designed tools and materials to make your implementation as easy and effective as possible. These include:

  • Member portal: When you become a member of The Code you get immediate access to your very own personalised member portal. The portal serves as your online action plan and will guide you through your implementation process – from writing your staff policy and training your staff through to completing your annual report. You will also benefit from detailed reporting, making it easy to share your progress with your team as well.

The Member Portal is your online action plan, guiding you through the implementation process

  • Interactive online training: Your membership package also includes access to our suite of e-learning modules, which will train your staff on how to recognize the signs of child sexual exploitation and respond to suspected cases. We’ve specially designed this interactive, scenario-based training to be applicable to your business type and for a range of staff functions. And the e-learning program is now available in 10 different languages so your staff can learn in their native language.

With The Code’s online training programme, your staff can learn how to protect children at their own pace and in their own language