Child Protection as CSR

Fighting the sexual exploitation of children goes hand in hand with running an ethical and responsible tourism company. As the representatives of future generations, children are valuable members of our society. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and keep them safe. Child protection is an important pillar of corporate social responsibility  and responsible tourism.

For the tourism industry, the sexual exploitation of children impedes on sustainable and responsible tourism while generating negative impact to society: businesses, communities and families. If left to flourish, it can generate a community “dependency” on the wrong type of tourism — the type that generates profits at the expense of children’s lives and the community’s future. The consequences will have a direct impact on the local community, its ability to sustain tourism operations and protect the destination.

The Code was created as a practical tool for the tourism industry to utilize as part of their responsible tourism or CSR policies. By implementing the six criteria of The Code, members are making a strong commitment to preventing the sexual exploitation of children.

Nowadays, responsible travelers are seeking destinations and companies that share their ethical values. These travelers utilize their “consumer power” to choose child-safe service providers. By joining The Code, tourism companies ensure that their organizations are working to ensure that children are protected from sexual exploitation.